Friday, November 11, 2011


Good afternoon All!
I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday, it was a pretty hectic day. I did not make time for the gym and I am kicking myself in the butt for it today. Joey bummed his leg playing for the squadron football team so he didn't feel up to joining me as well. We are going tonight though, of course you will hear all about how it went.

Confession time
We went to columbia today to get some decorations for the house from Hobby Lobby. We went to McDonald's for lunch. SIGH. What do you do when you are STARVING and have an hour drive before you get home. I see fast food place after fast food place after fast food place and its so convenient to eat a McDouble while driving home. You can't exactly eat a salad while driving and when you just don't have the time to go in.
I know I know, wait until you get home and eat something healthy.
That just goes along with me learning how to curve my appetite, I will do it and you guys will help me I'll get there! That's the most important thing is telling myself I will get there. We all have hiccups in the beginning right?

Now for a special treat! You want some motivation? Well I will deliver.

Inspiration and Motivation today go by the name of Stephanie Demott. A very close friend of mine growing up. Now I have first handedly seen this girl battle her weight, and battle her life. She can tell you all about it in her incredible story and her before and after pictures are enough to make you hit the highway to a gym as soon as possible! Congratulations Stephanie you look amazing and are an inspiration to all of us!

Here is her story

A lot of people have asked me how I lost all the weight I did and I thought I would just share a small story of my journey..SO FAR. After having my second baby Allie.. I started at at 163 pounds.. So I started a weight loss competition back in January at that point I wanted to lose weight but I was in it more for the competition and the money more than anything, I got down to about 133 pounds and right after started back into my old ways with the over-eating and eating stuff that was horrible for my health. I never watched what I ate or how much I ate and went back up to 141 pounds. I wasn't happy, I looked in the mirror at my body and would cry. I would eat and eat and eat and then be mad and I would feel gross and depressed, and for what??? There were numberous times I cried and told my husband that I had a "problem" with food and eating too much. I was wrong, I was the problem, I THOUGHT that I wanted the food or HAD to have it, I just wasn't giving or putting in the work that I needed to put in. It wasn't going to come off eating chips and dip, and cookies, and 4 slices of pizza, I had NO control, I just kept eating and eating until I was miserable! I got tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy! A couple months ago I was going through my closet and and picked up my size 4 pants and I looked at my husband and said "Was I reallllly THAT small? I said there is NO WAY I will ever be this small again and threw them in the back of my closet and put away what I called all my "skinny clothes".. A local competition started in Fulton once again and I said this time I'm just going to do what I have to do to lose SOME weight..I thought okay well I will just lose enough to get to pre-baby weight and I will be happy, well once I started I felt great, and as more and more weight came off.. I just kept going and giving more. Last competition it was about winning money for me, this one it's about life and looking in the mirror and being proud of who I am! I've so far lost 26 pounds..getting down to 115 and I'm going to keep going from here..and let me tell you, once I hit that size 4 again, I said I was never going to go back, and I won't! It was an amazing victory for me. That feeling of happiness and how proud I felt will never leave me.  It is hard, it takes discipline, motivation.. and fighting yourself when you don't "feel" like working out. One of the worst things I've learned to say, is I will start in a couple days or next week.. The best time is always NOW! I know it's not easy sometimes and food can be sooooo good, my problem was always portion control. Learning that you can still have things you love in moderation is important, it's not called a diet, it's a lifestyle. You can still enjoy yourself and not be unhappy! I've had cheat days, I just didn't sit there and eat until I hurt, I had small portions, and enjoyed it, and I never eat the leftovers! I give myself a day ONCE in awhile, I used to eat soo much and then the next day ate all the leftovers and SO much more! Having a "cheat day" is okay, and it's something you can look forward to, you learn to appreciate it so much more when you work for it. Working out has to be a part of your lifestyle, it's important for your health, to keep your body feeling great and yourself motivated to keep going and being the YOU that you want to be. There are seriously no secrets, I haven't starved myself, I HAVE breastfed, but that has only been a small part of my weight loss, I have put a lot of work and determination into the weight I've lost. I actually had some lady say at my last competition, say "You're breastfeeding??" That's cheating!!!! WHAT?? I know it helps, but when I was not losing weight or trying, I was breastfeeding and gaining weight, it takes a lot more than just breastfeeding, at least for me it does. I haven't done anything "special" except believe in myself, and stopped waiting to be ready to lose weight. It makes me feel good that people have told me that I inspire them to lose weight, and I will always be supportive and motivating toward your weight loss goals. Message me, call me, text me anytime. I know it feels good to have support and people help push you through and tell you that you CAN do it, and the best thing to hear, is that "YOU LOOK GREAT!!"
Remember, saying I will start tomorrow or next week or next month won't help you lose weight. The best time is always NOW and I promise you will feel great reaching your goals. You CAN do it.

Get out there and tell yourself you CAN everyone!


  1. Try keeping nutrition bars in your purse or car for times like that!! I love the Luna bars especially the white chocolate macadamia. It helps keep the hunger at bay and if even is like a little special sweet treat! Its so yummy.

  2. Thank you so much Jennifer I will definitely do that and encourage other people to do that as well. I appreciate your support :)