Tuesday, November 15, 2011

'Tis the Season!

Now when I say 'tis the season I don't mean holidays I mean...YES! I get to wear my big baggy hoodies and jeans! No more shorts! No more tanks! Is that any way to feel? No, absolutely not. Yet I can't help but be excited, although I even feel disgusting in my jeans and hoodies. I know all you ladies know what I'm talking about when I say I can't wait to bury my body in baggy winter clothing..Sigh. I keep telling myself "self, don't get too excited spring and summer are just around the corner and you have to break those shorts out again or you will sweat to death.

On another note, I weighed myself this morning and the numbers were awful.. 184 pounds.. I was crushed at 180 and this is just devastating. I can see every pound of it too, for heavens sake I look pregnant. The sad part is I wish I could blame it on that, but there is no possible way I could be. I have Marks 21 day body make over but I don't feel as though it's specific enough on things I can and can't eat, it needs recipes. I need some help! 

Basically I'm like a child when it comes to this..SPELL IT OUT FOR ME!

You would think I have enough motivation by how disgusted I am by my own reflection but nooo, still excuse after excuse. I want this so bad, I look in the mirror and my stomach protrudes, I have stretch marks around my belly button and on both of my sides from when I was a teenager (they are white now but they used to be red). My love handles are disgusting but the worst part is are my arms. I hate them with a passion! They are freakishly fatter than the rest of me like my weight doesn't distribute evenly. Not to mention my inner thighs, UGH, They rub together when I walk. The thing that crushes me the most is that I haven't even been married a month and my rings are getting tighter on my fingers. I just want to cry.

Now isn't all of that reason enough for me to just get up and do it? You would think so but apparently not! I need a push people.

What is it that needs to SNAP in me and say "HEY, YOU! yeah you with the weight problem! Get off of your butt and do something about it! Change yourself if you don't like it!"

I need help!


  1. . Girl i swear we are in the same boat. My motivation is next t to nothing. What is it going to take for me to finally decide to stop eating that candy bar or to stop eating that bag of chips ? Im not sure anymore. I read in all my health magazines its always something that them snap and finally say enough is enough. And thats it for them they have forever changed themselves . Its frustrating as hell cause i have those every day but yet i do nothing about it. I have no control. I have no discipline. I watch biggest loser all the time and its the same thing they always say i need to get healthy so i can live a long life with my family. But they also live with four trainers and a cook and work out 8 hours a day. Im a size 12 barely. Im growing out of that swloly and i can feel it too. I would give anything to be a ten. My inner thighs touch, i have mass cellulite, im pretty sure the back of my arms do too. I also have stretch marks on my inner thighs. Its embarrassing. As hell. I wish we lived closer. Its only three hours and across a state line but im here for you no matter what in life. And i swear someday we will feel better about ourselves and we will do what it takes to be healthy so we can be old cat ladies in the nursing home haha. We will do this together! Dont get down and dont give up girl.

  2. FYI I started out 200 lbs + and on Day 10 I'm down 9 lbs. The workouts are very doable and quick so there's no slaving away at the gym. When I go grocery shopping I'm no embarrassed by what I'm purchasing, there is nothing to be ashamed of and that is a GREAT feeling. I have the same problems, just a bit worse and living with them for a few more years.
    Don't waste time waiting to get motivated, just DO. If you haven't started yet, use the rest of the week to slowly cut down processed foods, carbs and sugars. Then have Monday be DAY 1. Let the results (not just the weight but how you feel) be your motivation.

  3. This is what I think.... Following a book that teaches you to eat right is doing nothing but teaching you to eat right and making it a life style change. To try it out for a couple weeks and say its not working is not enough time to give it a chance. I am sick of people saying well it worked for you but its not for me. I believe in this book( 17 day diet) 100% and for a person that use to cry in front of a mirror then resorted to not looking at all in the mirror when I dried off from my shower, or needing the lights off in the bedroom so that I felt a little sexy, I say bull... It can work for anybody but you HAVE to be in the right mind set, and if your not then why try anything at all. Diet pills, shakes, fads and so on do not teach you to eat healthy and to make it a lifestyle change. . All I am saying is that you ask for help and want people to be honest, so there it is. dont hate me for it, I just want you to be happy and want to help and beating around the bush isnt going to help. I want to help you,and support you..

  4. Speaking from experience, i found it extremely easy to stay on the couch, eat something unhealthy and be lazy...especially with a stressful, on the go go go lifestyle. BUT, i dont think that buying something you heard from someone else "OMG this works!!" is the way to go. Pills are the number one thing that are a FAIL!! Your not going to be on them the rest of your life, so why start them? I truly believe, getting up to the gym is key. Its hard to find motivation when you keep seeing the pounds add on because then your next mind set, is Whats the freaking point anymore! Well i have found that staying strong and getting into a routine has helped, and seeing some pounds come off are motivation. You have the mind set, but YOU have to be ready and do it, dont wait for someone else to have to do it with you, work out with you, or you wont ever get started. Find your will power, its there...trust me!