Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stress needs to leave me alone.

Stress does many things to people for example:

  • Makes people lose weight
  • Makes peoples hair fall out
  • Makes people sleep deprived 
  • Makes people gain weight
  • etc.
You will NEVER guess which one of the above options happens to me when I get stressed. Yep, you guessed it. When I get stress the pounds pack on, see it's too bad it's not the other way around because I am constantly stressed out. I would probably be 90 lbs. if I lost weight during high stress.

Nothing seems to be going right lately, HUGE problems at work, the pounds keep coming on, Financial issues, family problems. Sigh. SOMETHING GOOD HAPPEN PLEASE!

I swear I have taken like 3 pregnancy tests just to see what the heck is going on with my weight gain but of course, negative after negative (thank god).

I can say I finally have two supportive women in my life, not that I haven't had tons of support over the internet and through E-mails because I have and I appreciate all of it..in fact please keep it coming. I have re-connected with an old friend Chelsea who works at GNC and is a health nut which is great because she can help guide me with vitamins/supplements and things to do at the gym, also an old friend named Katie who is dying to lose weight just as much as I am. We have planned to get together Friday night to set a gym schedule and not to let eachother back out unless it's an emergency! Between Chelsea, Katie, and I this goal should come to life!

There are a few other friends that I would love to go to the gym with but our schedules completely conflict in every way possible but they still support me verbally and over the internet (thanks guys). With Thanksgiving coming up I'm going to try to keep my cool with all of the delicious foods around me but man, I need to learn to have will power.

My husband and I are headed to GA tonight to visit family for the holiday, I will write again as soon as I get home! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Fight your stress by hitting the gym. It releases your good feeling hormones and makes you feel better. And you will leave the gym saying, I feel great. Even if you feel you didnt push hard. I found it frustrated when working out next to someone who looks amazing. I am doing Zumba and my instructor is HOT! But i tell myself, i am going to get down to her size..she is also motivation. But dont get discouraged when hitting the gym and pounds add on. Muscle weights alot more than fat! And i personally can drop 2 pants sizes and my scale moves 5 pounds. Dont get discouraged by the scale...use the clothes to judge. But start with the gym, as much as you may hate it

  2. Vanessa,is right, forget the damn scale and go by how things fit. I also agree that going to the gym when you feel stressed out gives you the best workout because your kicking your ass.. Find a kick boxing class or see if the gym has a punching bag. I am not kidding and when you leave the gym your going to feel great. But what do I know, I am just your mother